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Irritable 13yr old

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Irritable 13yr old

My son has a diagnosis for ADHD but I'm concerned something else may be happening and I don't know what to do.

Firstly, if he doesn't get his own way even over small issues (even about where he wants to sit in the car), he will meltdown, verbally calling people names and physically push by his younger siblings to get past when he doesn't really need to touch anyone to get to his seat.

When he is given a consequence for his behaviour, it is NEVER his fault. He never owns his choices; it is always the other person's fault. They took my seat so it is totally fine that I called them names or hit them. Also 'why didn't they get a consequence, it was their fault? You always pick on me!' Um, hello you can't hit people when you're mad at them!!!

This is the kind of worped logic we live with. He is easily set off too.

He also will only want to follow instructions when it suits him. If he is asked to do something and receives a consequence for saying no and refusing to budge, it is our fault for the consequence, not his!

We actually have a good relationship, good connection. But this situation is causing all sorts of stress , disconnect and frustration in our house. Are we dealing with any other mental health issues?

Re: Irritable 13yr old

Hello @mansionofchaos , sounds like things have been challenging for you lately. I am sorry to hear that there has been increased stress and tension felt by your family. Sounds like you care a lot about your son and are concerned about his behaviour. Unfortunately we are not allowed to provide professional advice on the forums, so I would recommend that you seek some professional support and advice for the concerns you have around your son's mental health. You mentioned that your son has been diagnosed with ADHD previously, is he currently receiving support from a psychologist or other professional that you might be able to discuss your concerns with?