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Kids never get enough sleep at Dad’s houss

Kids never get enough sleep at Dad’s houss

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Kids never get enough sleep at Dad’s houss

I’m a step mother of two beautiful boys who are 7 and 9 years old and I’m really concerned about the amount of sleep they’re getting when they stay with us. 90% of the time the kids only get to sleep by 9:30/10pm because their Dad wants them to stay up late with him. The kids return to their Mum exhausted and it always takes her a couple of days to get their moodiness and irrational behaviours to improve.

School nights have proven to be no exception and the kids are obviously struggling. I am one of their primary care givers and it’s a big deal that my partner/ the kids’ dad will not stick to any agreements he’s made with their mum, step dad and myself regarding this issue. My concerns are usually met with anger and comments like ‘they’re my kids!’ Help.

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