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Kids not eating enough

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Kids not eating enough

I’m a dad working away from home. My wife is always complaining that my daughter 6.5 years old is not eating enough.
She wouldn’t drink milk and hates eggs.
No breakfast in the morning and will have only a cupcake in her lunch box.
When reaches home after school she’ll have a cup of apple juice and in the evening she will take very little food (chicken, rice, or some vegetables).
She is very skinny and weak.
Her pediatrician says can’t find a reason why she avoids foods.
Any help will be very much appreciated.

Re: Kids not eating enough

Hi @Dad42,

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. This sounds like a really concerning situation for you and your family. It is really great that you are involved with a pediatrician though. Have you thought of seeking a second opinion? It sounds like it is really important for this issue to be resolved as soon as possible. I am also wondering if you have thought of seeing a psychologist? Perhaps there may be another reason as to why your daughter is avoiding particualr foods.

Just a few things to note, we are an Australian service aimed at parents of youth aged 12-18. I have noticed that your children are young and you are not from Australia, therefore please be mindful that our referrals and advice may not be most relevant for your situation.
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Re: Kids not eating enough

Hey @Dad42 hope you are going okay - just reminding you that we are here to chat about this more with you. 

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