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Kitchen scale in my teens bedroom

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Kitchen scale in my teens bedroom


Kitchen scale in my teens bedroom

What drugs will a teen weigh on a kitchen scale? I have suspected drug use and found weard wrappers in his room. Any one gave any insight? He can go from being very happy to lashing out with extreme anger.
He has been dabbing before but claimed he stopped.
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Re: Kitchen scale in my teens bedroom

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Hi @heleentjie 

Thanks for reaching out for support on this, suspecting that your teen is involved in drug use is understandably distressing. 

We have this article that provides some education on drugs, as well as some advice on how to broach the subject with your teen. You mentioned that he told you he had stopped, is this something you've been able to talk to him about in the past? Do you think he would be open to chatting to you about what you found in his bedroom?

When it comes to his mood changes, does he have support with this currently? Anger can show up for a teen for a lot of different reasons and it may be helpful for him to talk about this with a counsellor or other professional. Is that something you think he would be interested in?