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Looking for a good school

Looking for a good school

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Looking for a good school



My name is Indu. My son is studying at Cestar High School in Toronto we are basically Indians. My husband is moving to Australia next month and after my son's school is done, we'll also be moving. I am looking for some good places for my son to learn in Australlia - possible something in Brisbane. Any recommendations?


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Hey there welcome to the forums @iuhanem and how exciting that you are on your way to Australia!


On this forum we are not able to provide links of educational institutions as it does not adhere to the commercial component of our community guidelines. However The Australian Schools Directory [click here] could be quite helpful for you Smiley Happy


I will tag some other members who will have insights on what to expect from our School system as well. 


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Re: Looking for a good school

Depending on how much you want to spend and what you mean by good,there are a number of schools to choose from in Brisbane. If you search up Good Schools Guide Queensland, it will give you a table listing the top schools ... it gives you the percentage of kids with certain OP scores, high percentage of kids going to uni but doesnt tell you about its behaviour or bullying policies. But like I said, it depends on what you are looking for in a school. Brisbane Grammar is the top school for boys but there are others also listed.