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Mental health programs

My 17 year old has been in limbo in 2020 because of COVID. She has now exited school and struggling with a relationship breakdown. I was wondering if anyone knew of support programs which are aimed at her age?


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Hi @mugs1170 

This is a great question, I've got a couple of services in mind that could be worth looking into (apologies if you've already accessed them and not found them helpful - please let me know and we can keep looking together)


The first is Orygen. They are a youth specific mental health service that provide a number of different services and programs including group programs and activities. They also have supports for families and carers that could be helpful if you wanted any support for yourself - you deserve to be supported too Heart


Another service that could be good to look into is Connect Health & Community. They have a social work support service for young people that run projects and activities that your daughter might want to get involved in, as well as counselling and case-management.


Some headspace centres also run support groups/programs for young people, so it could be an idea to contact your local headspace as well. 

And lastly, if your daughter is looking to connect with other young people who might be experiencing similar issues, she is welcome to join our online Youth Forum. The forum is for young people aged 14 - 25, is moderated from 9am-11pm and is completely anonymous. 

I hope some of this info is helpful, let us know how you go.