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My 14 year old has no friends

My 14 year old has no friends

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Re: My 14 year old has no friends

Thank you so much @LuckyGirl2000 for taking the time to share how things have changed for your son. I'm happy to hear he has honed a skill and is getting ready for college. Definitely shows how much can change and provides a lot of hope to the forum Heart  

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Re: My 14 year old has no friends

Pleasure! We all can use encouragement Smiley Happy
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Re: My 14 year old has no friends

Hi @Raging 


Bullying can be devastating to people and online is a form that is hard to escape from.

Sadly I am not surprised at the parent attitude as the so call friend had to learn these behaviors somewhere.


At the same age my son didn't really have any friends but now at 18 he has build a good peer group now he stared university.  What concerns me is the impact on your son of the bullying


Has your son "blocked", "unfrended" etc the bully ?

Is there interests that he can explore to make new friends?


On a separate note, you say t is effecting your relation ship with your husband? 

That needs to be explored, something happening to your son done by another child shouldn't be causing issues with your marriage.  If it is causing you feelings that are impacting the marriage maybe it is worth thinking about how to manage those?







Re: My 14 year old has no friends

we can encourage him