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My 14 year old wants to be a boy

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My 14 year old wants to be a boy


My 14 year old wants to be a boy


On boxing day evening my 14 year old (female assigned at Birth) told me they want to be a boy.  This has been in their thought process for a couple of months.  I'm being as supportive and respectful as I can because I know that this is important to them.  My question is though how quick does it have to happen.  They are keen for everyone to call him by his new pronouns and has chosen a new name.  Some people in the family who know are on board but not straight away.  Also what about School?  Its been a tough couple of weeks for us all. thanks

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Hi @Sprouty73 

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what's going on for your family at the moment. Firstly, I want to acknowledge that you must have created a safe and supportive environment for your son to come out to you, which is amazing! It's fantastic that he felt he could share this all openly with you.

We have this great video that talks about how to support your transgender teen which might be a helpful watch, and this article on coming out as transgender at school. Transhub is also a great resource for information, including this section for parents and families of trans teens.

I can also understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed, it's a lot to take in. Have you been able to chat to any friends, family or a therapist about how this is affecting you?