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My 18 Year Old girl won't Speak To Me

My 18 Year Old girl won't Speak To Me

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Re: My 18 Year Old girl won't Speak To Me


Im a fellow parent that reads here when Im feeling a bit out on a limb and alone with my teenager & our troubles and occassionally chime in. I've learned from similar to be pretty private about things in other avenues. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Especially the part of the copping harsh judgements from people that may have no understanding or be able to check themselves for empathy towards your daughter, or be judgy and make you both feel worse without them even realising.

Its good to hear what you wrote today that your daughter has let you know that shes been feeling- hurt & confused. Even if tomorrow she is back to silence, that sounds like a shift?

Im just another parent struggling along with a teenager. But to me it sounds like your backing your daughter to do what she may want to do, with loving boundaries. Also letting her know shes got support.

I hope it is a good week for you and your daughter and she can see that running away either physically or by shutting people & family out is not always a really workable solution. Its sometimes a feeling. Good luck with things.

Re: My 18 Year Old girl won't Speak To Me

First of all you should find the reason first why she behaves this way and only then look for a solution. Perhaps you offended her, or she has accumulated a lot of childhood grievances against you and this is a problem. In this case, it is better to help her find housing and try to improve relations.

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