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My 18 year old is using thc and vaping in our home

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My 18 year old is using thc and vaping in our home


My 18 year old is using thc and vaping in our home

Hello, I am new here and thank you in advance. My 18 year old male teen for some time now started vaping and doing thc. He has stated before and now that he has depression but does not want help. We finally got him to see a counselor and while he did say there has been problems at home from his vaping and thc that he no longer is doing it. He lies to the counselor and says he has no problems with depression nor the substance use. I have caught him on camera leaving through the dog door to buy vape pens and thc. Have caught him vaping and vaping thc in his room and bringing it home. He takes ubers because we no longer let him borrow our car. He says he won't quit and wants to do it outside but we do not condone that stuff in our home. He was working and quit. We told hom he wont ever be able to save for a car or go to college at the rate he is going nor find a good job because they will do drug tests. We don't know what to do. If we tell him to leave the house for good he has nowhere to go and he won't get help then but if he is at home he keeps lying and vaping. We have two other kids and this is not good for them. Help with ideas please.
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Re: My 18 year old is using thc and vaping in our home

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Thank you for sharing this with us @Itisreal 


It sounds like what you are going through is very difficult at the moment and we're glad that you can talk about it here. I am sorry to hear about the hardships in your relationship with your son. It's a complicated position for you to be in right now, considering his mental health, substance use, concerns about his future, and your other children.


I was wondering if you would consider seeking advice regarding your son’s substance use?  I've seen that you're from the US and I want to let you know that there are professional support phone lines where you can seek advice here, and programs where your son can meet other young people that are on the same journey here.


I also want to check in and make sure that you are also supporting yourself during this difficult time. Do you have any supports for yourself? (e.g. friends, other family or professional support). If you would like other supports, I would recommend calling one of these helplines as they are also for families who support young people with mental health and substance challenges.


There are many members of our community that have been through similar experiences. You are not alone and we're glad that you're here.