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My child keeps getting exuded at school

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My child keeps getting exuded at school


My child keeps getting exuded at school

My 15 year old was anxious about starting school because of friend issues the year before. Finally school is in and once there finds another group to hang out with. She was super excited as they finally included her in everything. They even registered for all the same classes and took seats next to each other in classes.
Today one of the 5 girls gave her a note saying that all but one of the girls had decided that her personality didn't mix with the group and they thought that she should maybe not hang around with them anymore. They were too uncomfortable to tell her to her face.
Not sure what to do as she cam ehome in tears. I just don't understand it. All adults who meet her love her and say what a sweetheart she is and how deep and intellectual she is. Yet this is the second group of girls in a year who have shunned her. Now she needs to go back to school on Monday and face them in her classes. Not sure what to tell her. At a loss. My heart breaks for her.

Re: My child keeps getting exuded at school

Hello @Murphy192, I am sorry to hear about what your daughter has been through lately. It sounds like things have been quite tough for her lately and it sounds like this developed quite unexpectedly. It must be so hard for you to see your daughter going through this too. Does your daughter have any other friend groups that she would feel comfortable sitting in class with? I can’t imagine how tough it must be for your daughter going back into the same classes as these other children. Would your daughter be able to talk to anyone at school like their teachers or co-ordinator about possibly changing classes? She might be able to change her timetable around as it is the start of the year and things might not be set in stone yet.


Also, I am just wondering if your daughter has anyone that she can talk to about how she has been feeling lately? Would she be able to talk to someone at her school for support, such as a school counsellor?