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My daughter at 12 self harming

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My daughter at 12 self harming


My daughter at 12 self harming

My daughter is 11 see counseller and is self harming and I’m worried I don’t see her much

Re: My daughter at 12 self harming

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Hi there @brave1990 


Thank you for sharing this with us. It must be heartbreaking for you to know that your 12-year-old is self-harming. How are you coping with the news? 


You mentioned that you don't see her much, which must be hard when you feel worried. Is she living in the same household as you at the moment? 


This is such a difficult position to be in as a parent, but I hope that having a counsellor involved is helping. Please know that we will listen to your concerns and provide support where needed. 


I thought it might be helpful to send the resources we have on self-harm for you to read - here is information on self-harm, and here is some content on what you can do to support your child. 


Hope to hear back from you soon.