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My teen struggles with friendship at school and is so lonely

My teen struggles with friendship at school and is so lonely

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My teen struggles with friendship at school and is so lonely

Hello All,


I have 15 year old son, who has struggled socially always. Through out his life he hardly had friends. Even if could make few friends , the friendship wouldn't last beyond few months. He had speech delay issue in childhood followed by learning difficulty and has low IQ. Still he manages his academics some how but the social part is what is taking a toll on us and him. There is constant peer rejection, other students find him bit weird and silly and immature. 

Since childhood he is heavily supported by therapies and now he is seeing a clinical psychologist as well. But ever since he has entered teen age his frustration is shooting up because of constant peer rejection and this loneliness which is impacting his academics as he is hardly able to focus

Now we have finally decided to pull him out of school and start online schooling . This is his final year of grade 10 (IGCSE board).

Can some one guide me on how can i help my child to build some friendship online.

Also there any parent whose child has similar social issues. Can you please guide me what can help. Also can parents share their feedback on online schooling for children struggling socially.

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Re: My teen struggles with friendship at school and is so lonely

Hi, there @rozelle welcome to the online community. 


I'm so sorry to hear how your son is struggling. I can imagine it isn't easy to watch him go through challenges with social life and rejection from peers. 


You sound like a dedicated and resourceful parent, and although your son is having a tough time, I'm sure having you by his side makes life easier to navigate. It's good to hear he is speaking to a psychologist, but I can understand your concern about his loneliness. 


Do you have any support for yourself? I can imagine all this is stressful for you too. 


I'm going to get in touch via email to ask some questions to see if we can offer some suggestions. I hope other parents share their stories and advice with you.

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Re: My teen struggles with friendship at school and is so lonely

Thanks a lot for replying back. Its getting so hard by the day  to deal with peer rejection  for my teen age sonin school. They just started their summer break and he can see photos of his class mates on social media hanging out which is making things more difficult for him. 

We are considering of pulling him out of the school and start online schooling where he doesnt have to go through this peer rejection at school every day .

Can someone guide should we consider online schooling which might be a better choice or still encourage him to continue his physical school?

In case he continues to be in the same school, he has to accept the fact that most of days he is going to be lonely.

Is some one in similar situation ? 



Re: My teen struggles with friendship at school and is so lonely

Hi @rozelle


We are just touching base to see how you are doing.


We have sent you some emails with resources that may be available in your area. Have you had a chance to look into them?


You have mentioned that your son sees a clinical psychologist. Have they been able to make any recommendations for your son’s studies or maybe for some social groups he can participate in?


We can hear your love and worry for your son and are hoping you are taking care of yourself as well.

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