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No friends


No friends

My 14 year old son doesn't seem to stay friends with anyone and finds it difficult to make friends at all. My heart is breaking for him, at the moment he has no one at at my wits end with worry. He is quite quiet and he finds it difficult to speak to people. Any advice?

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HI @Caz123,


It can be quite heartbreaking to see your son not being able to make a strong friendship group.  It must be so difficult to see this and not be able to change things for him and make things better.  


I'm wondering if you have had a chat with his school and see if there is any way that they can support him with making a friend(s). They may know of other children who are also struggling to make friends and find a way to pair them up with your son discretely.  I'm also wondering if the school is aware of any bullying that is happening?  A lot of children may choose to not discuss this with parents and this may be a factor of his shyness. 


Are there any activities he would like to do outside of school?  Would he be interested in starting up a sporting activity for example or another sort of activity that may not require much talking at first and can lead to building friendships over time?  Some sort of club that gets his interest might be a good place to start as he will be around others of like mind.  Are there any youth groups in your area that he would like to give a go?  


Here is a video that may help your son see that the is not alone:


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