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Paternity testing

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Paternity testing

My daughter is nearly 13. We have just got results that her dad isn't her biological dad. How do I tell her?

Re: Paternity testing

Hello @Mummaofthree, it is great to hear how you want to be honest with your daughter. It sounds like you have quite an open relationship. I think there is quite a bit to consider when thinking of telling your daughter about the test results. I think it would be helpful to consider the time and space that you choose to tell her in - it might be a good idea to tell her in a private and comfortable space when she is happy to chat. I would also suggest being open and honest with her (although it sounds like you already are Smiley Happy ) and being understanding about some of the questions/concerns that she might have when told the news. Hopefully some other parents can jump on soon and provide you with some more support/suggestions.