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Problems with schools and school counsellors

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Problems with schools and school counsellors


Re: Problems with schools and school counsellors



Just read your latest post. It is so wonderful that you expressed your heartache via this forum. Especially because you are such a helper to it your turn.


Firstly, you are understandably feeling really disappointed that your daughter has left her job. Especially when you put in so much hard work to encourage her to get to where she was. But you know what......even though she has left, it is so great that she was employed for the time she was. It might have been for only a short period of time but she did it! She is young......there will be other jobs......maybe tricky to get, but they are available. At the right time.


I appreciate you must feel heartbroken, especially at the counsellor allowing your daughter to leave. Isn't it disheartening and frustrating to have someone do the opposite to what you've worked so hard to help your teenager achieve?


Allow yourself to settle.....try and stay calm.....then get back to the drawing board. You have inner strength to do this @taokat......this is a setback like two steps forward and one step back. Not one step forward and two back! You and your daughter have made progress and her leaving the job is merely an example of the imperfections of life. Hang in there @taokat....we are here for you and you have come further with your daughter than what you might be thinking at the moment. Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. This, of course is a good thing in the challenging times. But when things are going well, we wish they would stay that way and unfortunately they don't.


Sometimes, not getting what we want can be a good thing. There will be something better out there for your daughter @taokat. In time........


My son just sent me a text asking how I was and that he misses me. A positive message for me to receive! But I won't get too caught up in this feeling because I know that, like your situation and others....everything changes.


Take Care

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Re: Problems with schools and school counsellors

I'm sorry to hear things are at this point @taokat. Sometimes this journey can feel like one step forward and ten steps back Smiley Sad


Are you able to talk with your daughters counsellor about what's happened and how you're feeling?


It may help to provide some more insight into where they think your daughter is at and why they've supported that decision? And of course then you can voice your concerns Heart

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Re: Problems with schools and school counsellors

Thanks for your support @Schooner@Sister and @Erin-RO.


I had a brief chat with my daughter's counsellor after the appointment, and have an appointment to see her on Wednesday. Thank you for the suggestion @Erin-RO, and certainly something I need to do.