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Recent Sydney tragedy

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Recent Sydney tragedy

Hi just wondering if any one has advice around navigating the recent incident in Sydney with a teen who has mental health issues? My son has become very concerned that the accused man is continually labelled as having mental health issues. I have discussed that there is a range of mental health issues people may be suffering from in varying degrees.  He is concerned that he will be thought of in the same light as the accused ads they both have mental health issues. I'm not sure how to navigate around this and would love any advice.


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Hey @Iris15,

It’s good to see you back in the parent and carer community. Thank you for sharing what you’ve been experiencing recently. I can see how heartbreaking it must be for you to see your son being concerned about being thought of in the same light as the accused. I can hear that you have made an attempt to explain that there are different forms of mental health issues that often have varying degrees. I am curious about how he responded to that? This article on helping your teen cope with bad world news might give you some new insight and advice. 

It would also be incredibly tough for your son to be viewing himself in such a terrifying way. Your post from 2022 noted that your son was seeing a counsellor/psychologist, Is your son still receiving this support? It might be helpful for him to explore this topic here with any professional he might be accessing. 

With all that’s gone on, I am curious about how you’re coping through all of this. Have you been able to confide in someone around the stigma your son is noticing?