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Referral Process

How difficult and/or time consuming is the process to get a referral for your teen to enrol in distance ed for mental health? My 15yo is barely getting to school and has just started seeing a counsellor (but I’m not sure if the counsellor is a qualified psych). Has also just a medication for the morning anxiety but no effect yet. Thanks in advance

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Hi @PuffyPenguin, thanks for sharing. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate and that your child's anxiety is having a significant impact on their life. That must be so hard for you to experience as a parent (and for your child too, of course). I can hear that you are doing all you can to support them and it is great that you are seeking additional support and information.

Unfortunately, the answer to your question is likely to vary depending on where you live, current wait times (if any) and on the program you are applying to (there may be different requirements). You might be able to ask distance education programs about their process, requirements and approximate wait times to try to ascertain how complex/difficult it is likely to be. It is amazing that your son is engaged with a school counsellor. Counsellors can still have great utility as the theurapeutic relationship is a key component of effective treatment. If you are concerned about their qualifications, you could ask about their experience or opt for a psychologist instead.

Just so you know, I had to remove details about medication from your post as this is against our community guidelines which you can read here.

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