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Refusal to attend school

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Refusal to attend school

Hi I’m looking for advice I’m full time carer of my 14 years grandson, he unfortunately has had a rough past, been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Currently enrolled at local high school and employment as permanent part time employee in a retail store. Prior to job continuance in getting suspended, fighting etc. employed by local retail store where current manager and I self have formed a very strong bond. To the point she stated if he was suspended again, employment would be terminated immediately as it shows signs of inability to follow rules/instruction. Since this was voiced no suspension, mis behaviour, notified by school today he attends all classes, sits quietly doesn’t even attempt to learn/listen understand lesson (whilst not been destructive/I’ll behaviour, just refusing to pull out text books or even attempt this. Long chat with employer had today (suggestion maybe work based education? Gaining year 0 within workplace) does any know or suggest laws or programs that may assist in nsw

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Re: Refusal to attend school

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Hi @Confused86 ,


Thank you for sharing what has been happening for your grandson.It sounds like it is quite a tricky period for you and your grandson right now.

I'm wondering if your grandson is struggling at school? That is, in terms of friendships, peer pressure, school work? 

In terms of finding industry-based education, it is definitely an option. I'm not quite sure of the age groups, but there are TAFES which allow students to complete Year 11 and 12 there. It is a must freer and mature environment - no uniforms, carefully timed schedules. Some students benefit highly from this sort of education, but I recognise your grandson probably has 1-2 years to go before they can study at TAFE.

There are also engagement programs such as

There are many opportunities out there. Please do not feel like there is only one path to be successful in life. It may be worth speaking to the school's wellbeing team so see what other organisations and services are available to your grandson.

Fingers crossed.