Reposting: Teenage Son is harassing neighbors

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Community Manager

Reposting: Teenage Son is harassing neighbors

Hi @Athena671, I have been having trouble replying to your recent post, so I have reposted it here for you. Your wrote:


Hi all, I am here for help.  I am at a loss of how to move forward with my son.  He is 13 years old and had a falling out with one of my neighbor across the street's children.  It was to the point that we, as parents, decided to keep our children away from one another.  They do not come onto my property and my children do not go onto theirs.  This was fine over the summer while our children were not in school.  But as we suspected the boys (mine who is 13 and their's who is also 13) were talking at the bus stop and in school.  No issues yet.


Tonight I was called by my neighbor and asked to come by to talk about some issues with the kids again...


She said that a few weeks before Christmas that she started to notice a change.  My son had been vaping at the bus stop and was blowing it into her younger child's face.  She wanted to speak to me then but heard that I found out about the vaping and took it away.  Since then my son has been going over to the house and knocking on their door when neither adult is home and her kids are.  He even smashed paint balls all over her driveway.  When she approached him she told him not to do anything to her property and reminded him of the agreement to stay off of each other's property.  The next morning at the bus stop my son started calling her names to her children and making fun of her.  And finally, today he and another kid from down the block were screaming profanities at her while she was getting her mail.  I found all of these things out today.  


She feels that she and her children are being harassed and is concerned for her children's safety and stated that this was the last straw and if needed that she would get the police involved.  


My son gets home earlier than I do each day and is supposed to be grounded.  He obviously could care less that he is grounded and figured that he would be out and have a friend at my house anyway.  He is currently grounded for failing almost all of his classes in school.  I told him he could not join the wrestling team unless his grades are up.  I also have taken away all electronics.  


I was able to confirm that the other child was at my house as she had stated because we just installed the ring doorbell where I could see them.  I would not want to be treated this way.  How can I help my son???


 I would also like to add that I am re-married from his father.  My new husband does not feel like it is his place to do this and my ex-husband is not helpful at all."


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Community Manager

Re: Reposting: Teenage Son is harassing neighbours

Hi @Athena671  and welcome to ReachOut!


It sounds like a difficult situation you are in with your son. You mentioned that there has been a history between your boy and your neighbours kids, do they go to school together? Do you know how the fall out happened?


I can imagine this must be really concerning for you when a lot of these behaviours are happening before you get home. Have any of these behaviours been happening in the school ground as well?


Thank you for reaching out to us and we would love to hear from you again soon to let us know how you are going with this Heart I will move your other post as there was an error with replying, you are more than welcome to reply here




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