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Rules don't apply to them

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Rules don't apply to them

I need help. I have a child that feels that rules do not apply to them and she doesn't have to listen. She currently lies and continues to lie. She broke the law by filing a false police report in which we were foolish in believing her that a man tried to take her and went through her things. Surveillance footage shows it didn't happen. She is now in wait of what punishment may come. What do I do, I can't handle it any more and I am going into "shake the baby" mode.

Re: Rules don't apply to them

@Soconcerned that sounds so stressful for you. How are you feeling about the possible police involvement with your daughter? I imagine it must be a very worrying time. 
It's so courageous of you to share your concerns and reach out for support.

When you say you're in 'shake the baby' mode, can I ask what you mean? It sounds like this might be feeling beyond what you can manage right now - is that right? 

If so, do you have anyone you can lean on for support?