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School concerns

My 9 year old son has been doing this sexual moan thing the last 2 weeks. When i asked him where he heard that type of noise he told me a boy at school does it. So then i start asking more questions and apparently this kid does all sorts of inappropriate things. He has said things like choking on his own you know what. Going up to girls with a pencil between his legs telling them to look at his big you know what. And many other very disturbing things. I decided that i had to tell the teacher. And now im wondering if ill be anonymous when she reports it. She never said if i would be or not when i asked. Just said the assistant principle will be in touch soon. I know the boys mom and shes a good person as far as i know. I just worry this will cause confrontation even tho i know i did the right thing. I really feel like this kid has been exposed to prn and now my sons whole class is hearing these horrible things! I would expect this from older kids but not 9. Anyone else have a similar experience?
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Hi @Txmom84 , 


I can imagine that it must have felt really confronting to hear your 9 year old making noises like that, and being exposed to that kind of behaviour at school. It sounds like you've done the right thing in letting the school know, it definitely sounds like something that should be looked in to. Unfortunately I'm not sure about what the process would be once it's reported as we are based in Australia, so I'd encourage you to contact the school to find out more about the process- hopefully they should be able to give you some idea of what the next steps are. 


I also just thought I'd share these resources on sexual behaviour in childhood, if your son has any questions at all it could be a good opportunity to have a chat with him and answer any questions he might have. You sound like a really switched on and caring parent, who's doing the right thing looking out for your son and his friends Heart