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School refusal

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School refusal

My 14 year old son refuses to go to school..been approximately 3 weeks this year.
He doesn't get his ps4 unless he goes and is full of promises at night them in the morning he just lays in bed and grunts..
Wasn't out of bed when l left the house at 2pm.
He refuses to get help..l cannot force him..he is bigger than me..
Any suggestions..
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Re: School refusal

Hi @Uffers55,


Sorry to hear that you are struggling with your son wanting to go attend school. This can be a tricky age, teens do become physically bigger at this age and can be more abstinent. Have you thought about approaching his school and asking what support they can put in place? They may be able to link you in with an outreach program or a mentor program of some kind.


Do you think it would be worth your while to seek support through a case worker/social worker? Would you consider referring yourself to Family Services Case Worker/Social Worker who can help you with your parenting capacity around supporting your son and potentially other areas as well? For example, you could look at your local not for profile agency and refer yourself to them such as Anglicare, there are many more as well. 


You may also want to consider youth support agencies as well to see if they have any tips or suggestions on how to have your son reengage in school again. Speaking to his school would be the first point of call and take it from there.


Wishing you and your family well.