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Secretive teen

Secretive teen

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Yes it’s so graphic! For the whole family too. So hard to know how to explain to her 11 year old sister. Things have improved a bit in the last week for us all. But I feel like I’m on supervision high-alert and being at work when she’s at home is stressful. Holidays will be tricky.
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You're doing so great @So_worried it may not feel like it but you're getting her the help that she needs and supporting her through this incredibly hard time, that's incredible.

I think, so often, parents just completely disregard what they do for their children because they know the alternative is unthinkable but that doesn't change how much effort and sacrifice is made.


Are you able to do a bit of self-care? Take a night off and see a movie with a friend, take yourself out to something you enjoy for an afternoon, meditation, anything? Just something that leaves you feeling a bit replenished.


If you click here you can have a read about looking after yourself while caring for a teenager.

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