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Self Harming

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Self Harming

Hi Everyone,
I'm very concerned about my 21 year old son..
He has been self harming on and off for few years, however its got bad in last 6 months.
We've been to doctors , been on Medication, Made Appointments with Phycologists and a Referral to see a Physciatrist (well known top of his feild) as also wanted to rule out Bipolar or BPD and when it came to the day he Wouldn't go.. I Begged him, but No , no one can help him, he will fix it himself etcetc..

He has now in last week gone of Medication, and he tells me hasn't self-harmed but its hard to believe as find towels with blood on them etc..

We are a close family , but he just in his room ,playing Xbox , watching TV, doesn't work , has no motivation for anything, has a supportive girlfriend also ...

I find this frustrating as I feel he doesn't help himself, and ill be honest I feel like he plays on it.. please don't judge me on that comment, but we do as somedays he is up and about, almost feel like he doesn't want to work also..

His dad whom I separated from.before he and his twin sister where born has Bipolar also.
He doesn't have the best relationship with him either..

Has anyone here also been or going through this.
Suggestions of support organisations, group sessions etc. 


Re: Self Harming

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Hey @Mum19 

Thank you for sharing what you and your family have been going through, I can imagine its been quite a scary time for all of you. It is really good to hear about all the different supports your son has engaged with, it must have been quite upsetting when he did not want to attend the psychiatrist appointment. Were you able to make another appointment to see them?


I'm wondering about why he went off his medication and if this was a decision supported by his doctor? It can be quite a lot to stop taking medication and it can have a variety of impacts, it's important he is engaged with a medical team to make decision around medication.


It's lovely to hear he has a supportive girlfriend, have you been able to chat with her about your concerns? Sometimes it can be helpful when loved ones are able to support each other and let the person they are worried about know that they care together Heart 

I can imagine it was confronting to find the blood on some towels after he told you he had not been self-harming, have you had a conversation with him since this happened?


It is understandable why you might feel he plays on this, we certainly do not judge you for thinking this way. Its clear you want the best for him and want him to get the support he deserves.

In terms of support services, there are a few options that could be helpful.

  • This link here gives information about all the local public health services in your area, this could be a good place to start in learning about what is out there and which service might most benefit.
  • Local headspace centres occasionally run groups that could be helpful for your son could attend, though you would have to check with whichever centre is closest to you. 
  • Given your sons age, he is also very welcome to join our Youth Forum, these forum are moderated, peer support forums for young people to connect and support each other.
  • Mind Australia is another service that might be able to offer some support as they work with adults experiencing complex mental health issues who aren't eligible for the NDIS.

I hope some of this information is helpful, let us know how you go Heart