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Self harm

My 15 son has started self-harming.
Just found out he and friends using cough medicine to hallucinate, and trying other drugs . He has been staying out for days on end.
Where to start, I’m so stressed out.
He isn’t understanding the gravity of his situation and is losing the great friends who are not in this scene and won’t stop seeing drug taking friends.


Re: Self harm

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Hello @Helplisa , I am sorry to hear about what you have been going through lately with your son.  I just wanted to quickly pop in to let you know that I have had to edit some of your posts to make sure that if fits in with your community guidelines. It sounds like there has been a lot going on for both you and your son lately, have you had a chance to discuss his self-harming with him? I am not sure if you have had a look yet, but we have an article on our parents website about some specific help services for self harm. You might find it helpful to have a read over that as it lists various services that can help. If you are feeling very concerned about your son and his self-harming it is important that you do reach out for help to make sure that he is safe. If it is an emergency, don't hesitate to call 000 first . I hope that you find this to be helpful. Heart