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Self harm

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Self harm

Hi my 13yr old just started self harming im devestated Will she be ok heartbroken
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Re: Self harm

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Hi @Snoopylove123, thanks for sharing that with us all. It must be such a difficult and scary time for you right now. I was wondering if you know whether your daughter is having any thoughts of suicide or ending her life? It can be a challenging conversation to have with your child but it is a really important one to have. We have some resources that might help here. This link contains a lot of information about self-harm. It is important to know that some cases of self-harm may require medical attention. This could involve calling 000 or taking your child to the hospital. Sorry for all the questions - it just helps to have a bit more context to the situation so we can understand better Smiley Happy Lastly, I was wondering if your daughter has any professional supports in her life? I just wanted to say that it is great that this has been brought to your attention and that you are now reaching out for support. 


I noticed you are not posting from Australia. Just so you know, we are an Australian service and therefore we offer referral to Australian services. You are more then welcome to use our forums but just know that some referral and resources may not be accessible or relevant to you Heart

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Re: Self harm

Hi @Snoopylove123 I just wanted to check in and see how you are going? How is your daughter coping with managing distress at the moment?


Always happy to talk this through with you Heart Self harm is something we hear about on these forums and you are not alone! There are ways we can support teens to manage distress in safe ways- there is definitely hope and recovery from self harm experiences Heart


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Re: Self harm

Hi just a quick update Katie is doing good had counseling and she has stopped harming herself hopefully we can put this behind us thanks for message

Re: Self harm

@Snoopylove123  This is great news! We are so pleased to hear your daughter is recovering Heart 

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