Separation anxiety

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Re: Separation anxiety

My son son is now 14, almost 15. He often stays at home on.his own. He has been on a few school camps and coped really well. I was concerned when he first started high school because he suffered from social anxiety as well. His head treacher took him under her wings and he transitioned really well. He attends a school that has 1600 students. It took alot of patience and persistence.
Frequent scribe

Re: Separation anxiety

Your daughter can get past the anxieties and lead a normal life. She needs support and counselling. Sounds like you are on the right track.

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Re: Separation anxiety

Hi @Debsy7680 


Sounds like things are a bit tough at the moment.  The good news is like @mrskode @JAKGR8 and others are saying - with support you and your daughter can get through this but it does take time.  


While not having had to deal with a child having Separation anxiety myself, I do know it takes love, patience support and above all time to address issues like this.


I would echo @JAKGR8 suggestion to review if you have the right counselor.  Just like any profession there are good ones and average ones.   Sometimes you find a different counselor will take a different approach or technique which can benefit your daughter.


While in no way a therapist or qualified to offer treatment suggestions I am curious how you re-assure your daughter on the phone.  Is it voice or  Is it possible to use SMS messages.   The reason I ask is that is I know when my partner first spent evening with me we would get text streams from her daughter.  At first my partner would reply instantly but over the months it dropped back in how fast she responded until now it is hours between there texts to each other.


I don't know if that is something you could consider.  If so I would think it best to discuss in conjunction with your daughter and the counselor you are using.


Finally as commented on by others,  If you dont look after yourself you cant look after anyone else,  it is important for you to find time to yourself.  Is there a family member or friend who can come over for a night with your daughter so you can get out to relax for a bit?