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Shut out

New here and heartbroken that my 13 year old will not return any of my texts or answer my calls... she is safe and staying at her dads but has totally shut everybody out including her 2 older siblings her grandma and aunties.. .. since turning 13 , new school, new friends and hormones she started being rebellious and experimenting with boys and trying to fit in to a group meanwhile getting caught stealing at coles, waging school, lying, smoking and sneaking out of a night... I would try to punish her behavior with grounding and limited internet and less pocket money... it's been 3 weeks since i have seen her and I am just so confused and upset... I miss her so much and it's so hard on every one as we are a pretty close family... please help me understand why.....😪😪😪

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Hello @Missyoumore , I am sorry to hear about what you have been going through with your daughter lately. Teenagers can be very unpredictable, so I think the best way for you to understand her behaviour is by having an open discussion with her. It would be best if she feels comfortable enough to explain what has been going on for her by knowing that there may not be a lot of repurcussions by talking. In saying this, it is your choice to make, but you may find that she will be more open now and in the future with you if she feels comfortable when approaching you to discuss things. 


Have you been able to discuss this situation with anyone? I would strongly recommend it, as there is a lot to consider. You might also find it helpful to call and speak to a trained counsellor about what has been happening. One helpline that you can call to get some advice and support from is Parentline. We also offer a one-on-one support service that you can access to speak to a trained counsellor for some advice and support. Here is a link for some further information if you are interested. I hope that things will get better soon for you and your family, feel free to let us know how you're getting on Smiley Happy .