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Sibling abuse & separation

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Sibling abuse & separation

Life with my 15-year-old daughter is almost unbearable. She is controlling, abusive towards her younger brother & myself, shows no empathy towards anyone, has no friends, isolates herself, won’t accept mental health support, narcissistic traits… I’m concerned about her brother’s mental health & my ability to handle her as a single parent. I am considering sending her to her dad’s place to live which I feel may be the reset we all need. She doesn’t want to go… but I cannot tolerate her behaviour anymore.
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Re: Sibling abuse & separation

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Hi @Coffee456 

I’m sorry to hear that you have been experiencing this, I can only imagine how difficult and challenging this must be for you, especially since it has also been impacting your son.

It is understandable that you are concerned about your son and I can tell how much of a caring and protective mother you are. I was wondering if your son had any support or whether he was speaking to anyone about this?

I know you mentioned that you were worried about his mental health and was wondering if you could take him to a GP and get a mental health plan or a referral for another mental health professional?

It sounds like it has also been a lot for you to deal with and I can imagine the impact that this must be having on you, are you receiving any support, or have you spoken to someone like a friend, family member, GP or mental health professional? It is important to remember that your wellbeing is just as important, and you deserve all the support during this time.

If you wanted to speak to someone or want some more support, you can call Relationships Australia or you could also speak to a Family and Parent coaching professional through our free one-on-one coaching service.

I was wondering whether you have spoken to her father about this and shared your concerns and whether he has been able to support you with this?

I also wanted to let you know that we have sent you an email, could you please keep an eye out for that?