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Stressed out 16 year old

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Re: Stressed out 16 year old

Hi @Fleurry 


How's things going? Glad to hear that your son saw the counsellor - one step at a time. 


Hope you're both doing well. 

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Re: Stressed out 16 year old

Hi Bre-RO
MY son is the same,.. Not seeing councellor due to Covid-19.. And still awaiting link to contact councellor online.
Hoping my son will try and start term 2 online,.. Will see how that goes.
Last week I noticed a black spot on his leg and went to Dr to look at it.. Turns out she was suspicious of it and cut it out next day to send off for testing so awaiting that..
Other than that. So far things have calmed down a bit.
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Re: Stressed out 16 year old

Hi @Fleurry, thanks for updating us. It sounds like you have had a few different things going on. Hopefully the counsellor gets in contact with you soon to begin the sessions. Don't be afraid to follow it up - it is really busy time right now. Good luck with the test results, my fingers are crossed for you. How are you coping at the moment with COVID-19? Heart We are here to listen.

Re: Stressed out 16 year old

Thank you for this response regarding anxiety. I found it helpful for understanding how to support my teen.
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Re: Stressed out 16 year old

Hi @GirlsRule ,

I'm glad my situation has helped out in some way.

There is still a long road ahead though, I just honestly feel so overwhelmed, even at the moment and I feel so alone Smiley Sad


Take care


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Re: Stressed out 16 year old

Sorry to hear your frustration. I understand it as my son who has an IEP also has the same frustration sometimes. He does not like to complete school assignments but would do online program such as Kumon and Beestar. He likes how the questions are breaking down there. He would use text-to-speech and speech-to-text to answer and complete the questions.