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Struggling with 17 year old Daughter

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Struggling with 17 year old Daughter


Struggling with 17 year old Daughter

Left toxic abusive marriage 5 years ago. Kids stayed with me. Father moved back to NZ. Father came over to help me a month ago as I was going through a tough time. Since he has been here he has started the abuse as before. Kids have witnessed arguments and he has spoken badly to kids about me. My daughter 17 will not talk to me and wants to move to New Zealand. Her father also took her passport from my room and gave it to her. I am worried she will just go or be will take her.

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Hi @LisaMc2023 , I am really sorry to hear about your situation concerning your ex-partner and children, the abuse you are experiencing is not at all okay. It sounds like an incredibly distressing and frightening situation to be in, and it's completely understandable that you're feeling worried for what might happen. 

1800respect is a domestic and family violence support service who will be able to support you with counselling and creating a safety plan for the abuse you are experiencing. I recommend giving them a call when you have the chance. 

We have also just sent you an email, so please keep an eye out for that.