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Suggestions for teen (small) panty liner brands

Suggestions for teen (small) panty liner brands


Suggestions for teen (small) panty liner brands

In the US and UK there are various brands of panty liners available in a smaller size for teens. My 10yo is starting to need liners just for natural discharge, and the regular ones are too wide to fit in her knickers. These days the superthin ones tend to be sticky all over, so they won't be comfortable to wear as the edges will overhang.


Are there any small/narrow ones available in Australia? I haven't been able to find them.


Re: Suggestions for teen (small) panty liner brands

Hi @Lemonaadey, thanks for your question. It sounds like you are in a tricky situation. I wouldn't know the size of the liners we have here to compare, though I do know that some 'convert' to be worn with a g-string or thong. I would say it is still a normal sized liner but it has creases in it, so that it can be folded along the line to go slightly around the back of the underwear. You could also try either making or buying your own reusable liners.

I hope that helps!

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