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Suicidal 15 year old

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Suicidal 15 year old

Hi all,
I'm looking for some advice on interacting with a suicidal teen please x
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Re: Suicidal 15 year old

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hi @Cae12

Thank you for reaching out on the forum about your 15 year old who is suicidal -  we have an article here that you might like to read on what to do in this situation. 


The first priority is making sure they are safe. If you have any reason to think they will harm them-self, taking action immediately is important - keeping them safe may mean taking them to the emergency department, or calling 000.

If they are not in immediate risk, it is still important to ensure their safety. 

We have more information here about talking to your teen about suicide, and how to work on suicide prevention with them.  


Let us know how you are your family is going, we're here to listen and offer support Heart


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Re: Suicidal 15 year old

Hey @Cae12 as with @gina-Ro feel free to let us know a bit more in depth about what has been happening with your teenager, the community is more than happy to support you as many of them have experienced suicidal teenagers or adolescent's who self harm. Look forward to hearing from you Heart

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Re: Suicidal 15 year old

Hi @Cae12, I just wanted to check in and see how you and your teen are?


It's such a scary and distressing situation for you both to be in and I hope the resources @gina-Ro linked you to were of benefit. 


Please feel free to lean on the community if there's any further support we can offer you.