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Support with a problem


Support with a problem

I am new to this, our 9 year old son goes off the rails and me and my wife our unsure what to do and who to see, we have done counselling, see the school be about him and they all say the same...he's a very good kid...but just not for us.

I thought I be was the problem and I have been working be away for 5 months now and unable to go home due to borders being closed, but he still does he it now so it taking a toll on my wife who is trying to to keep a full time job and look after 3 kids.

Please any advice would be greatly appreciated, as we our unsure who to see? To support him.


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Re: Support with a problem

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Hi there @Billybluenose12 


It sounds like your family have been going through an incredibly difficult time. I can imagine being apart due to work and border closures is tough on you all. How are you and your family coping with it all? 


I'm sorry to hear that your son has been struggling. It sounds like you and your wife have tried your best to support him by connecting with the school and a counsellor. You mentioned that your son goes off the rails, and I was hoping to better understand what that looks like for him.


Do you feel comfortable sharing some more about that? 


I also wanted to let you know that I edited some of your post so that it aligns with our community guidelines, which you can read here. We provide peer support and mental health support here, but we steer clear from diagnosing. Chatting with a GP about your concerns might be a good first step if you have questions about a diagnosis.