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TW : 12 year old refuses to live at home with dad

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TW : 12 year old refuses to live at home with dad


TW : 12 year old refuses to live at home with dad

This is a very long story. My daughter behavior changed so much when she started her periods at the age 11, it then snowballed into false allogations saying her dad hit her. To then running away 2 to 3 times a night. Not washing or brusing her teeth she doesn't listen to any boundaries put in place. I am currently loving with her at my mum and dad's while my other 2 children live with her dad. We are trying to work on getting her to move back home. This has gone on since February this year and everything I try to talk to her she shuts me down. She has the community mental health team involved as she had also tried to end her life 3 times I the space of a month. I am at a complete loss of how to help get the family back together support her.

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Re: TW : 12 year old refuses to live at home with dad

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Hey @Beckley2084 

It sounds like things are really tough for you and your daughter at the moment, it's great to see that you're reaching out for support.


It can be really difficult to support young people when they aren't open to talking about what's going on for them. Has your daughter let you know why she doesn't want to move back in with her dad?


You mentioned that your daughter has a community mental health team supporting her at the moment, are they aware of her talking about her dad assaulting her? I'm also wondering if they are also providing you with any support? I imagine coping with all of this must be extremely distressing for you, and it's important that you have supports in place too.


We are an Australian based service, however, it might be helpful to check out Family Lives to get some more support in your area.