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TW: Evil stepchildren trying to hurt me

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TW: Evil stepchildren trying to hurt me


TW: Evil stepchildren trying to hurt me

I don’t know where to start but I am truly concerned about my 17yr. Stepdaughters behavior. Where do I begin???! The communication between my wife and I has been nonexistent. I have caught my stepdaughter (17) and stepson (12) in the act of tampering with my beverages, food and pills, and my concerns have fallen on deaf ears every time I tried to communicate with my wife. Her lack of concern has caused resentment and animosity on my end. My stepchildren poured something into water bottles throughout the mini fridge. Unfortunately, for me and my son (6) we both consumed these concoctions which caused an instant burning reaction to our throats on separate occasions. I encountered a second incident when I took my medicine my throat instantly began to burn much similar like the bottled water incident. I do not feel safe in this house or around my stepchildren. I took it upon myself to take precautionary measures by adding a spy-camera in my bedroom in addition to a deadbolt lock on the door. I added a mini fridge to store my medicine in the room which created animosity on behalf of my wife. At this point my wife has spoken to the children and she believes every word they say. Following their conversation I overheard my stepdaughter confront her brother in fear “Oh, God what did you tell mom? Please tell me you didn’t tell her anything.” My jaw just completely dropped out of fear and all I could think was what more have you done? Fast forward a month later as I nap I’m experiencing minor brain shocks. These shocks go on for about a month, or so before they progress to running through my body.

In recent months my body is constantly fatigued. I have been in and out of the hospital more than 10x over the past two months. I’m losing consciousness but my medical labs and imaging are coming back normal. I fear something far more sinister is going on and I’m convinced my wife is in on it. I have removed myself from the home and my health continues to decline. I am under the impression that I have consumed a mini strip battery that was placed into my food by my stepdaughter. Your input would be greatly appreciated I am horrified and in fear of my life.

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Re: TW: Evil stepchildren trying to kill me

Hi @Don-Carpenter , I'm so sorry to hear about your experience - I can only imagine what you must be thinking and feeling, as it sounds extremely stressful (both physically and psychologically). It's awful that this has divided what could have been a beautiful blended family.

It's great that you've removed yourself from the situation and working on feeling better - I wonder, have you considered seeking support from a family therapist? Or, perhaps, just one for yourself? They may be able to offer more specific advice or suggestions to help you manage the situation and your feelings of terror.