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Teen relationships

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Teen relationships

Im hoping for some 15 year old son has been dating a 14 year old girl for 6 months or so.She is his first serious girlfriend.Fair to say he is very into this girl and they want to spend every weekend together.
We have had the chat with him regarding sex and he assures me they aren't doing it but that they have talked about it.She has stayed over night a couple of times with us and we insist on separate beds and his bedroom door open at all times.My concern is how serious they seem to be at such a young age.Her mother isnt my cup of tea either but i realise i cant hold that against the girl.It does worry me though.The mother is quite rough around the edges and drinks and swears.She also posts inappropriate stuff on social media.Not that I have told my son about this.I just feel weird about the whole thing and wonder if Im over reacting.None of his mates seem to have serious girlfriends yet.How do I deal with this and should I be concerned?We let him go to a sleep over at her friends one night but I dont think I should have.He wanted to do it again but i said no and now hes annoyed at me.There was adult supervision but I still dont like the idea of them spending the night together.The girlfriends mother seems way more lenient with her daughter compared to us.Maybe Im just too overprotective???Help!!!!

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Hello @meggymoo14 , thanks for sharing your story with us. It sounds like there has been a lot on your mind lately. I imagine that you are feeling quite stuck as you want to ensure that your son is supervised and not having sex yet, but it also sounds like you are very trusting of your son. Have you had a chance to talk with your son and share your concerns that you have around him having sex? I think it is important that you let him know how you are feeling as his reaction might help you feel a bit more at ease. A healthy discussion around safe sex right now might be just what he and his girlfriend need. Although, there is a lot to cover, so it is not always an easy discussion.


I understand that you are concerned as this is a big step in your son's life as it signifies him maturing. It might make you feel a bit better knowing that this is a fairly common experience for both yourself and your son as it has been reported that the average age that Australian teenagers start to have sex is around 15 years old. 


If you haven't already, I would recommend that you have a read over some of the articles that we have about teenagers and sex. They cover a lot of various topics aroud sex and can even give you some tips on how to discuss sex with your teenager. If you think it is more helpful chatting with someone about this, you could try calling up some helplines such as Parentline to get some advice from a trained counsellor.  Please feel free to keep us upated Smiley Happy