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Teen with depression

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Teen with depression

Teen daughter has been n a serious relationship for a year. Her demands and obsessiveness on him has pushed him. Away . She can't/wont let go of him continually messaging him to the point he's ignoring her.. Toss in Aspergers and she's a handful. Apart from antidepressants and counsellor what else can I do?

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Re: Teen with depression

Hi @Poppa_bear


Firstly, welcome to the forums.  It's great to have you here as one of the first!


It sounds like you're both going through a tough time.  I hope you're doing ok.


Perhaps the aspergers is making it hard for her to read cues from him.  


Is she depressed at the moment?  Has she been taking her anti-depressants.  Having been through quite a bunch of different anti-depressants in my time, it can get to a point where one stops working and your dose needs to be changed, or maybe even move to a different medication totally.  It's important to have a good GP with knowledge of mental health, or a psychiatrist, when it comes to getting the medication right.


I'm sure things will get better for you both.  It would be great to hear how you go.


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Re: Teen with depression

Hi stHubbins thanks for the reply. The social cues are the hardest part of anyone with Aspergers . The boyfriend has had a lot of difficulty dealing with that and the obsession she has with him. Her whole school life she has had to take dexamphetamine to slow her thoughts down for study. We had to start with an anti d that was compatable. First year of uni this year as well


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Re: Teen with depression

Hi there @Poppa_bear and welcome to the parent forums!

I don't have much knowledge on aspergers but it sounds like there is a natural grieving process due to the loss of a loved one (the separation). I know that denial is a part of that process. I am not sure if this process is the same for aspies? Is it possible that she is still processing the loss and is stuck at the denial stage or just taking her time about it?! Is there any way you can support her in getting to the final stage of acceptance?

Would be very interested in your opinion or insight on how your daughter has handled other losses in her life and if her process was similar to the 'normal' grieving process?

This would be tough situation and I hope it's not weighing too much on you. Please don't forget we as parents need to look after ourselves first so we can then be there for our kids!
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Re: Teen with depression

Given your daughter has Aspergers and social cues are difficult, are there any good books you could access for her on relationships, emotions etc? Something specifically written for teenagers on the spectrum from ASPECT or one a local Autism service? Relationships are tough for anyone and esp. for teens still trying to understand emotions, feelings, self-esteem etc etc.  

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