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Teenage depression and suicidal thoughts

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Teenage depression and suicidal thoughts

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Teenage depression and suicidal thoughts

So my daughter has been very low in mood since puberty hit and she was seeing a psychologist about a year ago after she admitted to me that she had thoughts of self harming. She had a few weeks of meeting with the psychologist after which she decided she felt ok again and didn't need to keep going. Today she is texting me from school saying she lays awake every night thinking about self harm and suicide. I've got her an appointment with our GP who is wonderful but it's so hard in my area to get a regular appointment with Headspace and there doesn't seem to be anything else. I guess what I'm asking is how do you all cope when it feels like love is not enough to keep my daughter from feeling the way she does?

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Re: Teenage depression and suicidal thoughts

Hi @JJsunny Thank you for reaching out here on the forums. It sounds like things have been very stressful for both yourself and your daughter recently, so it’s great to hear that you both have been talking about this. We actually have a Youth forum that is a safe and controlled environment where she could read about people in similar situations or join in on the conversation. This may help her feel more understood and give her a place where she can go to for a fresh insight. Headspace also offers a similar forum.


I can also imagine that it must have been so scary for you to hear that your daughter has had thoughts of self harm and suicide. So, I am wondering how you look after yourself when things get really tough?


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Re: Teenage depression and suicidal thoughts

Hello @JJsunny 

Its been a couple years since I was on this site but let me tell you it was the best thing I ever did to help answer my questions when I had no idea where to turn.  It is absolutley the most frightening feeling when your child says they dont want to live. I remeber feeling so alone and isolated until I reached out to this amazing group.

I want to tell you hang gets better. Keep her as engaged as possible.  Try new things-I was not even above bribery at some points during our 3 uphill journey.   

If you can stay involved and keep her communicating in any way she is comfortable I feel that is half the battle.  

My kiddo is now 18 and is doing so much better.  The self harm did fade out.  She graduated and works (sometimes) and even has a boyfriend.  I never thought I would see seemingly normal days again.  But it will happen again.  And sometimes unfortunately there are backslides but its okay.....its just part of the territory I guess.  

You got this!  just take it one day at  a time.  If you could start with one thing I would say Dont let her completely isolate and try hard not to do that yourself either.  At times even us parents want to run and hide under the covers....I sure did plenty of times.

just wanted to say....your not alone.