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Teenage son misbehaving

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Teenage son misbehaving

Hello I'm new to this however not new to the actions of my 14 almost 15 yr old sons actions and behavior. My son has turned completely impossible, he has arrested for burglarizing a middle school, bulglarizing his grand parents. Doing drugs, stealing car and so much more. I try to talk to him and it's like I'm talking to myself. He has no empathy and he wont do anything right. He talks to me with so much disrespect it makes it hard for me to even want to be around him. He damages my walls, doesnt clean up after himself. Just on every level terrible. It's a nightmare. I have no idea what to do. I love him and want the best. He refuses to go to school or do anything hes supposed to do. Its tearing me apart!

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Re: Teenage son misbehaving

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Hey @Goingthruit2 


Just posting here to let you know that I moved your comment from the new member thread to here, so now you post has it's own thread, which should increase the amount of support you receive from other parents.  I titled it "teenage son misbehaving" as I felt that summed up your issue - I hope you don't mind. 


It sounds like you are going through a really hard time with your son. Have you spoken to a psychologist about what you're going through? Are you receiving any support? Parentline is a confidential telephone helpline that offers information and counselling about parenting issues. It is a really good, free resource for parents. If you're interested in calling their number can be found here - just note that their number does vary per state so scroll down to the bottom of the page and make sure you're calling the right line Smiley Happy


I have tagged some regular users here. They often provide super great advice for parents on this forum, which we appreciate heaps! 

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Re: Teenage son misbehaving

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Hi @Goingthruit2


It is incredibly hard when we see our children going down the wrong path and making poor choices.

The behavior you describe sounds like it really needs the help of professionals.  


Drugs can drive horrendous behavior and can completely take over peoples lives.

Sadly no matter how much we want to help and guide our children, they are the ones making the choices.

When they make these choices it can be very destructive not only to themselves but those around them.


It sounds like you love your son very much and that is why it hurts so much.  Your situation sounds particularly challenging as your son is so young and is not yet independently leaving but making decisions of his life without consideration for anyone else.