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Teenager and Marajuana

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Teenager and Marajuana

My 17 year old uses marajuana almost daily and as much as I try and talk to him he just goes into a complete rage and denies and says he is depressed because I keep accusing him of using the drug. I have found bags of weed in his room in regular occasions. He has been on antidepressants for about 6 months. I am at my wits end, he doesn’t see he has a problem but he can’t stop using. He lies to hide the habit, and puts it back on me that I am crazy and that he is depressed because I won’t stop trying to talk to him about how what he is going through. I can see the change in his behaviour due to this drug but I don’t know where to go to now. How do I help my son when he can’t see he has a problem and lies about it continuously?

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Hey @Frustrated22 

This is a really tough thing you're going through, I'm so sorry you're facing this. It must be really hard for you watching your son go through this and not being able to have honest, open conversations with him about what he is going through. We have a great piece of content here about teenagers and drug use. It has come great tips in it as well as a list of use resources and services that could be worth looking into.


Good on you for reaching out to your son to try and get him some help. Is there anyone else in your life that you think might be able to have a conversation with your son about what he is going through? Like an aunt/uncle or family friend or maybe his wellbeing coordinator at school? Sometimes it's hardest to have conversations with those who are closest to us, it could be worth seeing if he might open up a bit more to someone who he isn't as close to.

I'm also wondering if maybe there is something enjoyable the two of you could do together? Is there anything you do used to do together that you enjoyed like going on walks or playing games? Sometimes when things are really tough it can be nice to reconnect and do something fun together Heart