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So I am typing this as I sit at headspace for our weekly visits. I did not end up being able to disconnect his phone as it is part of his suicide prevention plan. The girl is still texting and messaging him from both her own phone and social media and that of her friends. Every time she sends a message he looses it. We have updated his behaviour plan at school and the education department is now involved as teachers were not following his previous behaviour plan. The school is now involved in the mobile phone and social media harassment as it is classed as misuse of a carriageway to intimidate or harass they want to get her mum in for a 3 way conference but my son has said no. The next time he looses it I will have no choice but to call an ambulance and have him mentally assessed as he is giving me no other avenue to take as his anger outbursts are massive and if it's not anger it's him in the foetal position balling his eyes out.
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Re: Toxic relationships

Nikita, it is not a problem with your parenting. If it were I would have 5 problem teens and not just one. Once a child reaches school age they are influenced by their own personal experiences as well as their peers. Please don't beat yourself up because your teen is acting out. You are but one single influence in there broader social network. Hang in there, be brave and trust that everything you do for your son is done because you are trying to do what is best for him. I openly admit that my life is in the crapper at the moment. My house is a mess, the washing is not done and I am struggling to cope but I also remain strong because I have to...... for my son.
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Re: Toxic relationships *update

That sounds horrible. My son got a text from his ex girlfriend Friday night saying if he'd texted her what he just sent she wouldn't have broken up with him. He was angry & said he wanted to see some friends, it was 8.30pm & his friends ordered him an uber. He hadn't been out in a month. He was supposed be home at 10.30pm, then midnight then he ended up having a sleepover (I knew the mum so that was ok) but then he went out Saturday & slept over another friend's place (boy he got into a lot of trouble w last year).
Police & ambulance were called when my son lost it last week. Children's mental heath services were delayed/busy & sent a msg through the Dr saying they would be another hour & probably couldn't do much but suggest he go back to the gp & get a mental health care plan.
We did but now my son doesn't want to go to headspace. I was afraid that would happen.
I know how you're feeling, it's awful. You want to help your child but don't know how.
Sending you a hug.