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Trouble teenager girl

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Trouble teenager girl

I have a teenager in trouble. She is 17 and in year 11. She behaves badly to parents and her sister. She doesnot want to stay home, just wants to hang out with her friends in public. She leaves home at her will, does not ask permission and just leaves even I said no. I think I am unable to guide her anymore. Can anyone give me an advice. Thanks.

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That does sound like an incredibly difficult situation, and I can really understand why it might be making you feel concerned or uncomfortable @Minhle. While it seems really simple, it might be a good idea for you to have a really open and honest conversation with your daughter and explain why you're concerned, and how some of her behaviour is making you feel. It's really important in these conversations to also give ample space for your daughter to also share who she's feeling, and why she feels motivated to do these things. By being honest and really, really listening to each other, it might even be possible to find some compromises between the two of you where you both feel secure, safe, and validated. 


Something that might also be beneficial is a one on one professional parent coaching service, which can give you some support and advice on how to tackle some of these really difficult challenges that can come up with our children. It's a free service for Australian parents, where you can speak to a professional counsellor who works with the Benevolent Society, to figure out how to best approach this situation. 

I hope this helps!!