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Type 1 diabetic with mental health issues

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Type 1 diabetic with mental health issues

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Re: Type 1 diabetic with mental health issues

Yes, we have no other family and there is no way we'd want to leave S with friends, its just too dangerous. We both get support from family overseas so that's good.


We have a really good GP and endocrinologist.


I think what is required is a week's breather to catch up with all that's been happening over the past 6 months.


Part of the problem is that when we are spending most of the time just dealing with all the symptoms its tricky to get down time to plan for the future.


For example I think over one 2 week period we had something like 8 admissions, you get to the point where just staying awake at the appropriate times is an achievement.


The most recent diagnosis is BPD so we'll go with that, the latest symptoms match and it gives us something tangible to understand and handle.


We too had an insulin pump, its a great bit of kit and hopefully S will be getting it back in a year or so.


We also briefly had a trial of a CGM and I can highly recommend it, no more having just 7 to 10 daily data points to try and figure out where the trend is, instead you get more data points and therefore a really good sense of how much and by what rate her BGL is changing.


Going to the hospital after work today to see S. We really miss her.


6:30pm She's absconded from hospital.

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Re: Type 1 diabetic with mental health issues

Oh no @unclejimbob! I'd read your message earlier in my email, but logging in now I see your update. I'm so sorry she's taken off from the hospital. Have you found her as yet? Thinking of you.




Re: Type 1 diabetic with mental health issues

Hi Unclejimbob,


How is your daughter?


How are YOU and the rest of your family?


Hope you manage soon to have some calm moments.


Take Care

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Re: Type 1 diabetic with mental health issues

Yeah, she walked back in a couple of hours later. Absconded again today and attempted <insert risk taking behaviour here> before QPS intervened and brought her back. Doesn't want to come home. We've enrolled in a Triple P parenting course and we got a CYMHS flyer yesterday with some mental-health focused courses so we'll have a go at them as well.

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Re: Type 1 diabetic with mental health issues

Wow UJB, you sure have some tough stuff going on.

This strikes a chord with me because Miss 18 is T1 for over 14 years. She had so much of this rebellious stuff against her diabetes, still does but improving, was depressed, suffered anxiety attacks, self harm, tantrums etc. Her management went out the window because she just ignored diabetes, hence 2 hospital admissions for DKA and suffered from fatty liver disease for a year. She was taken off the pump due to her lack of management and out of control BGLs, a good idea really, basal bolus therapy is safer. Next week she is going onto CGM and linked pump after getting herself close to back on the rails. Her HbA1c was regularly over 17 - really, that high - but under 9 now. As I'm sure you know, out of control BGLs often lead to significant emotional problems for T1 diabetics.

As for your other very, very serious problems I can only imagine how tough it is for you. I'm sure you and your wife are like us - heartbroken to see your child destroying herself and unable to do anything but watch. If I may offer a little advice, be sure to keep yourselves mentally OK, meaning think seriously about counseling for your family and you and your wife. You'll be no good to Missy if you're mentally wrecked so try to seek proper help with all of this as it seems you're doing.

Good luck mate, hang in there.

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Re: Type 1 diabetic with mental health issues

It sounds like you're doing everything you possibly can @unclejimbob


You sound like a very strong character and I'm glad you've found a space here to get some extra support.