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Water jets masturbation

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Water jets masturbation

I caught my kids taking turns in the pool standing in front of the water jet. She 8 and hes 7. They where looking at each other doing it and switch places... I saw it but didnt say it normal?

Re: Water jets masturbation

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Hey @Curious thank you for posting about this, sounds like the kind of situation that is a lot easier with support from others! 


Self exploration is completely normal at any age but it is something that children will most likely have questions about/and will need guidance with. Young people should definitely feel safe and comfortable to explore personal pleasure. 


It's a tricky topic to tackle with your child so I've found some resources that might helpful for you, if you would like to open a dialogue about masturbation/sexual health. As ReachOut is a service for young people between the ages of 12-25, I think Raising Children's Network will have much better information for you about this. 


This article on childhood sexual behaviour goes into what is healthy behaviour and how to respond. Let us know how you go with that article and if you have any further questions at all. We're here to help!