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What will actually help?

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What will actually help?

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One of the things I love about ReachOut Parents Forum is that this is a space where parents can come to discuss really big issues. 

Lately we've heard about teenagers who won't listen or adhere to family rules. Teenagers who are really struggling to feel ok and, as a result, don't want to go to school or engage with their peers. Parents who don't know how to help their teenager open up about what's going on for them and parents who are supporting their teens through bullying experiences and more. Topics I think we can all relate to.


Parenting is hard and so is being a teenager. It's no wonder we start looking for some suggestions to help make things a little easier when our kids get to that age, or even before. It's why the ReachOut Parents Forum exists and it's also whe Reach Out partnered with The Benevolent Society to deliver ReachOut Parents Coaching.


It's a mix of online and over the phone. You get assigned a Coach who is professionally trained in working with parents to help them better connect with their teenager and to support their teenager through the tricky stuff. It's very flexible, so you can fit it around your other committments. And it's FREE!


Also, we will be creating a space on the forums for parents who have done or are doing the Coaching program. It will let you guys compare notes, discuss new strategies and share successes. It will be open to all parents to read but only Coaching participants will be able to post. It's ReachOut's way of acknowledging the parents taking that extra step and giving them a space to come together.


Check your eligibility and get started here.


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Re: What will actually help?

This program looks fantastic. I was looking for something that may help a friend who is having trouble with her teenage son who is rebelling and she is at her wits end what to do to help. I will definitely let her know about this.
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Re: What will actually help?

I can highly recommend it @Big_Crab!

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Re: What will actually help?

Feel free to promote this among your friends and social networks. It's a surprisingly easy undertaking, can be as little as a couple of hours, depending on what you want to cover.


I think some people might see the word 'coaching' and think it's like a 12 week, intensive, training course. But it's really a lot easier, and more flexible, than that.

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