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When grounding isnt enough

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When grounding isnt enough

My 17 year old daughter took our car for a drive with her friend, earky in the morning, (unlicenced), we grounded her for a month, sge is niw rebelling and sneaking out of the house to meet with her friends?? I dont know what to do, i taken all devices, and she shows no remorse
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Re: When grounding isnt enough

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Hi @mumaof3,

Thank you for sharing. We can totally understand how this is a massive concern for you. It sounds like you have done all that you can to try and manage the situation. Rebelling and sneaking out can be such a worrying and upsetting behaviour for parents, as you can feel quite stuck and unsure on what to do next. Do you have any support at the moment? Going through this must be so incredibly difficult. Relationship Matters have a program that you might find helpful. It is called Tuning in to Teens which helps to manage emotional and behavioural issues. 

If this happens again, and you feel worried for your daughter's safety, we would encourage you to contact the police to ensure that she is safe and does not harm others.