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Worried about my daughters

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Worried about my daughters

Going through a custody battle with their father we’ve been separated for 11 years and he’s a very bad influence on them, allowing them to drink they’re (11-13) he’s showed them marijuana and how to grow and drinks and drives with them. He’s definitely brainwashing my oldest against me. I’m the parent who takes them to their doctors, dental, eye appointments, to and from school, I do their homework with them, school activities, Jiu-Jitsu, church, etc.. I’ve been the one to do these things since day one, and I have never ever spanked my children or grounded them,
I have taken their phones away before, because I’ve almost lost both my daughters to tragic illnesses and I (baby) them, I protect them and love them they’re my world, I’d do anything for them I’m with them from the second we wake up till we do our prayers at night.
I need help what to do,
Please someone help me

Re: Worried about my daughters

Hey @Bridgey_209 I'm sorry you're going through this really difficult time with your family, reaching out here shows how much you love and care about your daughters, and its understandable you would be concerned about their father. I would encourage you to seek help from emergency services if you feel like things are escalating or you become concerned about risk to your daughters safety. I hope other parents who have been through something similar are able to share their experiences with you Heart