Wouldnt you expect to be contacted if your child is injured at school by a bully?

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Re: Wouldnt you expect to be contacted if your child is injured at school by a bully?

Great input @taziness

You make such an important point about how different things might have been for you and your son if the school had been responsive. We recognise that there are many parents for whom moving isn't an option but even for those who can, it's still a massive undertaking. Psychologists rank moving house up there with getting a divorce! So moving house as a solution to a problematic school is even harder. My heart goes out to you.


Even though bullying hasn't been an issue for your family, I love that you are not willing to ignore the issue and leave it to those who are living through it. I was thinking how important parents like yourself are to addressing bullying in schools.  For the kids and parents experiencing it, to have allies in the school, who will lend a supportive ear and who will talk to their kids about the importance of not joining in or even extending a hand of friendship to the young person going through it, and to also be an additional voice when it comes to challenging the school and its policies and approachs to issues like this.


If we all demand something better, we'll get it.

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Re: Wouldnt you expect to be contacted if your child is injured at school by a bully?

Great pointsd made both @taziness and @Ngaio-RO. Bullying is actually a community issue (well it should be), and it does need to be addressed by the community, not just those directly affected. 


Wouldn't be great to organise some sort of micro community campaign that addresses rights and responsibilities of said community in dealing with bullying. As you said @Ngaio-RO, 'If we all demand something better, we'll get it.


@AnxiousMum how is everything going? Did you have an appropriate response from the Dept of Ed? You local politician may be a good one to raise your issue with too.

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Re: Wouldnt you expect to be contacted if your child is injured at school by a bully?

There is a bit of attention on the issue of bullying in the medaia at the moment I notice. ABC's series for example and the Respectful Relationships program in schools. These are good responses to the issue.


Howver, I am concerned that not ALL communities are actively engaged with the issue and the resources to achieve this, limited. For example, whilst this program is being fully implemented across Victoria (who piloted it, so this is fine), other states, like Tasmania have a 'trial' of it being "rolled out" as they say, among four state schools (there are over forty!) per year. This will not achieve anything, other than a minority of educated-yet again as many schools are struggling to find the funds to upskill their staff or bring in professionals. The Safe Schools program is also still contested, for many reasons on "both sides", and with little or no parental input. This is an example of poor planning and consideration - our whole approach towards more Respectful Relationships Education needs an overhaul.


I agree that a campaign is required, and locally am working to address the shortfall of resources. I would love to be able to simply print posters that show the United Nations Convention to the Rights of the Child to begin with and so much more! I will certainly continue to order Reach Out resources and distribute and have a few projects underway.  I also encourage you to order and distribute the Exploring Teens magazine, which is also a great fundraising opportunity for schools and has many articles addressing issues such as this).

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